Burned into the Orange: Music of Peter Gilbert (2021)
Premiere recording of Peter Gilbert’s “Channeling the Waters” for flute and percussion, “ on a portrait CD brought out by New Focus Recordings.
With percussionist Magdalena Meitzner
Christopher Dell “Alterity Stream” (2021)
“Alterity Stream presents a unique composition cycle by Christopher Dell, the internationally acclaimed composer and vibraphonist, who is known and highly respected for his experimental music. Taking the confrontation of the jazz quartett and classical wind ensemble as point of departure, Dell transforms this hybrid into an ecstatic montage of forms. …
With Christopher Dell, Theo Jörgensman, Christan Ramond, Klaus kugel, Anja Scmiel, Bernhard Kösling, Christine Chapman
Portrait Karola Obermüller, 2018
Premiere recording of Karola Obermüller’s solo for bass flute “…silbern” on a portrait CD brought out by WERGO!
 “… inspired by ancient poetic texts as from the greek poet Sappho… the essences of human existence like light and night, eros and longing…”


Only the Sound remains, 2017
Music– Kaija Saariaho
The DVD of Saariaho’s latest opera, which also features wonderful writing for piccolo, concert, alto and bass flutes!!


Let the Wind speak, 2015 
Music– Kaija Saariaho
Performer: Camilla Hoitenga, with Da Camera of Houston, Heloise Dautry, Daniel Belcher, Anssi Karttunen
Record company: Ondine



Blackthorn Eyes 2012
(contains Lost in the Desert for flute solo, Camilla Hoitenga, Flute)
Record company: Arvydas Malcys (2012)


Cracks and Corrosion, 2009
Music: Örjan Sandred
“Whirl of Leaves” Camilla Hoitenga, flute, Héloïse Dautry, harp
Navona Records | Amazon



Four Concertos, 2008
Music: Arvydas Malcys
Flute concerto “Vox clamantis in deserto”(1995)
Camilla Hoitenga, flute
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, Robertas Servenikas, conductor
Arvydas Malcys SEM-001


“Pope Joan” and “Transfiguration”, Anne LeBaron, 2007
Music : Anne LeBaron
Transfiguration: Lucy Shelton, soprano Camilla Hoitenga, flute June Han, harp William Trigg, percussion Rand Steiger, conductor
New World Records 80663 | Amazon


Music of Shoko Shida, 2006
Music : Shoko Shida
Fukura-Semè: Camilla Hoitenga, flute and noh-kan
AYA: Wilhelm Bruck & Theodor Ross, guitar and percussion, Camilla Hoitenga, alto flute
Fontec FOCD2561


Zack Browning, Network Slammer for flute and tape
Capstone Records (CPS-8697)


Prisma, 1997
Discovering today’s music through the work of Kaija Saariaho.
ISBN 951-0-24532-1 | available through Petals


Private Gardens, 1997
Kaija Saariaho
“NoaNoa” for flute and electronics
Ondine (ODE 906-2)


A Portrait of Kaija Saariaho, 1997
Kaija Saariaho
“Laconisme de l’aile” (for solo flute)
“NoaNoa” (for flute and electronics)
BIS 1997 (BIS-CD-307) | Amazon


Soloists Concerts LIVE, 1997
Berlin Philharmonic, April 10, 1997
Anne LeBaron: “Solar Music” (World Premiere) with Alice Giles, harp
Ruth Zechlin: “Duo for flute and voice” with Christine Ascher, mezzo-soprano
Teresa Procaccini: “Introduzione e Allegro op. 39” with Caroline Weichert, piano


Nouveau réalisme, 1995
Heiner Grenzland: “Caravelle”
Intermusic 1995 (IM 41801)ˇˇˇ


Electro Acoustic Music III, 1994
Kaija Saariaho: “NoaNoa” for flute and electronics
Neuma 1994 (Neuma 450-87)