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Camilla Hoitenga, Flutist






About Camilla

As soloist and chamber musician I offer inspiring concerts to audiences around the world in venues ranging from art galleries to major concert halls.

As teacher and mentor, I help passionate flutists achieve their own goals towards becoming happy and successful professional musicians.


I love to share amazing music with curious listeners!

Listen to freshly-written pieces — as new “old favorites”,

rediscover “old favorites” — as fresh “new music”!

Upcoming events

February 2022
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a phenomenal soloist
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

…playing that let one forget the time….transported the audience to another world…
The Flute (Japan)



I love to teach!

I love sharing what I’ve learned from all my amazing teachers —

from the intensely traditional Marcel Moyse to the innovative individualist Alex Murray to the radically visionary Karlheinz Stockhausen to many more.  

Join my courses

Camilla encourages me to look even deeper into the music … I go back to the practice room brimming with enthusiasm …

Phoebe Bognar (Masters student)

Unterricht mit ihr hat mich gerade in der Corona-Zeit angespornt und weitergebracht.

Viola Hegge (Orchester-Musikerin)

Beyond Music

I love to help people “live their best lives” !

Interpreting music can lead to interpreting LIFE!   Maybe you’re ready for a fresh outlook? Ready to finally resolve old problems? Explore new paths? 

Let’s look at the possibilities!


Contact me so we can discuss how I can support you!